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Heavenly Catering Irving reviews

Excellent Rating
I hired this company to cater my wedding.  The food was amazing.  Not only the taste but the showmanship was amazing.  This is a husband and wife chef owned company.  When we ate at the tasting the wife and the husband were there giving detailed descriptions of what we were eating and how it was prepared. They showed up on time and had everything set-up well in advance of the ceremony. I would recommend this company to anyone and I have referred several friends.  Thank you Chef Aundre.  — Maxwell “Alex” Payne 
Heavenly Catering
Irving TX 75014
There is no doubt that one of the most crucial parts of a wedding day – well certainly for the guests anyway – is the wedding food. Lunch or dinner, budget or expensive, the wedding breakfast (as it is traditionally called) is immensely important. And by implication therefore, your choice of wedding caterers is crucial.
There are a huge number of wedding caterers in Irving, Texas – companies who perhaps do corporate and private parties too, but who, overall, make wedding business their business.
The wedding meal is the part of the day where all the guests, young and old, and from both families – bride’s and groom’s – will sit down, relax and eat together. Of course, by choosing the right wedding caterers at the very outset, a couple can be sure that a team with relevant skills and experience will be responsible for getting the food and drink right on the day, so that all they have to do is worry about the vows!
Irving Texas wedding caterers can vary hugely in price and in product. Low key, casual and less formal weddings may benefit from smaller and more relaxed. But if budget is no issue, then nothing is impossible, and you can find companies who will provide ice bars laden with the finest caviar and the most superb vintage pink champagne.
As far as finding wedding caterers in the Irving area is concerned, it pays to do some research – ask for recommendations, speak to brides, or to the staff at a venue. Alternatively, ask a photographer, florist or any other wedding supplier whether they can recommend a really good wedding caterer in Irving, Texas.
Often the best wedding caterers also work in conjunction with wedding planners – companies that specialize in planning every last detail of the big day. These planners may hire the caterer for you, but only after you have had huge input and maybe even visited two or three caterers to get a feel for their individual style and service.
The main thing about Irving, TX wedding caterers is getting them to work well for you – they should be able to produce exactly the kind of menu you want, offer you a tasting, work within budget, staff the event properly, and even arrange the bar.
As far as food is concerned, if the produce is excellently sourced and superbly cooked, even sausages and mash can be perfect for a wedding meal. As a rule, try to stick with what is seasonal. Popular choices still tend to be chicken, lamb, beef and salmon. They’re generally well-liked and, if the wedding caterers are any good, they don’t have to be boring either.
Good wedding caterers should be able to suggest great ideas and clever ways of doing things within budget. If you want to save money, a caterer might ask you to consider serving substantial canapes or bowl food instead of a starter, or a very luxurious chocolate wedding cake as your pudding. What about a tower of initialed fairy cakes – not only are they a stunning wedding centerpiece, but they solve the problem of wedding favors for guests too!
It is also the wedding caterers job to make sure that everyone is looked after – vegetarian, food allergy sufferer, and of course the designated drivers should have some yummy soft drinks as well.
The wedding caterers should also be able to take into consideration a client’s wishes for décor and theming. Thinking about the color and theme of the room or venue is one thing, and of course the wedding flowers, but what about the plates, the glasses, the linen and cutlery?
And of course the staff are crucial. Smiling, happy and helpful waitresses are so much better on a glorious wedding day than grumpy serving staff who just wish they were somewhere else! And the better catering companies will even encourage staff to get into the spirit of things – dressing up waitresses for a Bollywood themed wedding for example. 
Heavenly Catering of Irving, TX is the wedding caterer to meet all your wedding reception catering needs! Call us today at 469-449-3283. We can’t wait to make your wedding really special!

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