The College Concept College Admissions Counselor in Dallas Texas Rated Five Stars By Consumers

The College Concept College Admissions Counselor in Dallas Texas Rated Five Stars By Consumers

The College Concept: Best Dallas College Admissions Counselor | (214) 535-4393

College Admissions Counselor Holly O’Brien is your source for getting your child into the university of her choice.

A good university diploma is a kid’s ticket to a more prosperous  career and an increased income. Don’t be cheap investing in a counselor when it comes to college applications. Holly at the College Concept started her career by gaining her two boys into top colleges, and now she’s aiding other moms and dads do likewise for their children.

Unlike some college admissions counselors who bill by the hour, The College Counselor has flat-fee system. This means that you pay a fixed investment in Holly’s service.

In the current college admission landscape it is necessary that parents and students remain informed about up to date news in college education. Some parents and students start their college entrance process in the first year of high school so that they obtain as much intelligence as possible about colleges while obtaining the best chance of entry to their daughter or son. The college admissions process can be  complicated and detailed and in order to parents and students to navigate this process effortlessly, a qualified private college consultant is becoming more necessary.

It is prudent to hire a qualified independent consultant to ensure that the selection for institution is suitable, as the investment to obtain a college degree at many private universities is nearing by recommending the college that is most appropriate for the student. College admissions consultants do specific and lengthy investigation to ensure that students that they apply for the most suitable universities. The knowledge and experience of a qualified independent college consultant is of great value in navigating high school planning and the university admissions process.

College counselors in high schools are subject to the requirements, regulations, and rules of their schools. Many high school counselors fail to seek out college admissions conferences, go on tours of colleges or develop relationships with college admissions representatives. As a result, they are not even up to date on the most recent college admissions scoop and evolving admission trends.

Elite college admissions consultants view tens of universities and colleges, contrasting with a college application counselor in a high school will spend most of his or her hours at her specific high school. Additionally, an independent college counselor researches and makes college lists, helps with college essays, helps with activity resumes, supervises campus trips, recommendations, college interviews, summer programs, has an improved understanding of what things a college entrance personnel at each colleges want in their applicants.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what questions to ask a college admissions counselor; Holly O’Brien at The College Counselor will take you through the entire admissions process. Call her today at (214) 535-4393 to get your son or daughter’s future started right.
Video by Serra Media LLC | (214) 535-4393 — The College Concept Dallas reviews — 5 Star Rating
The College Concept
3419 Westminster Ave
Dallas TX  75205

Also in University Park and Highland Park Texas


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