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Certified Personal Training Uptown Dallas 469-585-9365 http://ift.tt/1QPvvr0 (469) 585-9365 Structured Physique Personal Training in Uptown Dallas TX

“This workout will get your heart rate up with absolutely no gym/weights required! When you’re strapped for time but want to feel the burn, this is your routine. One time through will have you sweating by the end!”

— Review from Jaylen Q., Client

Structured Physique LP
3300 Oak Lawn Avenue, #1000
Dallas TX 75219

Personal Trainers for Busy People in Uptown Dallas

Sometimes it’s hard to fit fitness training into your busy schedule. It’s easy to neglect your health when working out never seems easy or convenient. Here at Structured Physique, we know how busy you are, and how much you need your workouts to de-stress and stay in shape. That’s why we offer you a choice of 4 personal trainers in Uptown, Dallas to work with: So you can find a way to work us into your schedule.

Every personal trainer at Structured Physique trains our clients the same way. Of course, each of us have our own personalities and our own twist on the exercises, but you can be sure that meeting with any of our personal trainers is going to get you a great workout. Your workouts will stay foundationally the same across all of our fitness trainers. So this means that if you can’t make a training session with your scheduled trainer, it’s easy to reschedule your workout with one of our other personal trainers. Workouts are only effective if you do them, so we do our best to make sure that you don’t miss a workout!

Before every workout with us, your certified fitness trainer will review your fitness goals and progress to tailor a workout that maximizes your results and makes the best use of your time with us. We want to give you the most effective workout in the time that you have set aside.

Emphasizing Proper Form and Technique

At Structured Physique, we emphasize proper form and technique when we train our clients. Using proper form not only minimizes the risk of injury to joints and ligaments, it ensures that you are getting maximum benefit from your workout. Efficacy of the workout depends on not just how many reps you do of each exercise, but upon your form and speed of performing the exercise. We know what your goals are, so we make sure that you’re performing the exercises in a way that is designed to meet your goals.

We Train You in Your Home or Office

Our Uptown personal trainers meet with you where you workout: In your home gym, your apartment building gym, your private club, or your office. Our in-home personal trainer sessions are as effective as a workout at a gym — we make sure of that.

How to Choose an Uptown Personal Trainer

Choosing a certified personal fitness trainer is a very important decision. You want to be successful in your fitness journey, and you need to find the right guidance and advice. Our fitness training staff is trained in both the physiology of fitness and the psychology of motivation to keep you on track when you have those days when you just don’t feel like working out.

Many of us enjoy the knowledge of our own progression and the encouragement of family and friends who view our results. Others need a little bit much more encouragement and motivation to stay on track.

Individual fitness instructors get excited when their clients work hard, get to both large as well as small objectives, and encounter individual victories of every dimension. They like what they do and they like viewing the fruits of both your labor as well as their own. That enjoyment and enthusiasm are contagious and having an individual fitness instructor to cheer you on, offer you support, or discuss your success could make a significant difference in your life as well as in your workouts.

A great fitness instructor knows ways to be a supportive as well as favorable individual incentive for working out.

Structured Physique is Your Uptown Dallas Personal Trainer

We want to be your personal trainers in Uptown, Dallas. Check out our four Uptown locations at the map above this section. We also will come to your office gym, apartment gym or your private home gym. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to stick to your fitness routine and get the results you want from your fitness regimen. We work out with you when you want to — in your home, office, or private gym — to get you the body that you deserve. Call us today at (469) 585-9365, or use the convenient appointment booking button found on this page. Let us help you meet your fitness goals with our private personal training services.

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