Cost of Adult Braces & Orthodontics Frisco Texas

Cost of Adult Braces & Orthodontics Frisco Texas Adult braces vary in cost and according to the treatment plan selected by your orthodontist. Orthodontic treatment can vary in price depending on the patient needs. The Frisco TX office of Texas Dental Specialists sees many adults for orthodontic care with Clear Correct or Invisalign.

How much should I have to pay for adult braces lasting 12 months?

The cost for adult orthodontics is different for different patients. You can expect to pay around $1,750 on average for a adult limited treatment of 12 months. Orthodontic treatment with a full set of braces generally lasts for approximately 24 months, so the majority of people are not a good fit for a limited treatment.

Limited treatment is intended to address a problem with only a few teeth, or to lessen a problem that is developing. The treatment indicated at the time of the initial visit is of a general type and is not meant to address all problems that exist, or that may later develop.

In general, treatment time is dependent on the severity of the problem, patient cooperation, and jaw growth. Adult treatment might take a little longer because adults have no jaw growth left to help with bite correction. Most adults are very cooperative in not breaking their appliances, maintaining good oral hygiene, and wearing auxiliaries (e.g. rubber bands) as prescribed. This compliance can negate the majority of the increased treatment time.

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