Invisalign Plano — North Texas Orthodontic Associates Review

Invisalign is a good alternative to metal braces! (972) 867-1222 Plano, TX

Orthodontists respond to questions every day from new patients about kinds of clear removable orthodontics that are less noticeable.

Many brands of removable braces might be excellent choices for those non-severe orthodontic cases, or in those people who don’t need a lot of correction to achieve proper alignment. We offer the Invisalign brand of clear orthodontics.

These days, everyone wants alignment options that are not noticeable by others. They want to have the comfort of smiling without having others see braces in their mouth, and now there are a number of sorts of removable braces available that can help to achieve that.

There are some differences between clear and traditional applicances, although there have been notable aesthetic improvements to make some traditional braces options less obvious.

Conventional braces work by securing metal brackets to the front or back of the teeth and securing metal wires to them, which over time move the teeth into better alignment. Special variations of this method might include using tooth-colored or clear brackets instead of silver ones.

There are various types of adult braces, including Invisalign. These aligners work to correct crowding and spacing of less than .5 mm.

As well as doing a great job of aligning teeth without metal orthodontics, removable braces also have some oral hygiene advantages. Since you can take them out, patients can take out the aligners when they eat, brush and floss.

Adult Braces
Clear Braces

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